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Pondering Silence

Author: Johannes Hilger [with some inspirations by ChatGPT]

Pondering silence,
a touch so profound,
the wonderland 'you', girl,
makes me astound;
moments of daydreams,
moments unbound:
I love you.

With every skin touch
my mind is complete;
I cherish this trice, oh
my God, you're so sweet!
Stay here for ever;
met our goal.
You match my soul.

Pondering silence,
a kiss like a dive;
a mystical wavelength
helps to survive.
Windows to paradise,
moments so clear -
gone all our fears.

With every calm breath
my soul stays alive;
echoes of passion,
all problems subside.
Here in this moment,
where we feel free:
you and me are we.

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